Out Of Uniform


Stephen Fothergill Matt Pulford Jason Alex Hill - Illustrator Marie McGeady Andrew Pearson | Ceramicist John Hannay Illustrator Francesco Frassineti Musician Anne Manningas Photographer Chris Gryce Poet
Steve Mathieson Paulina Birchall Poet Paul carroll Painter Michael Haynes Painter Jack Hawkins Photographer Dave Osgerby Poet Ben Langham Musician
Claudia Borgatti Germain Capps George Patterson Gabrielle McDonald Poet David Nevin Painter Jenny Bill Photographer Susana Malleiro Photographer

About us

September 2010 saw the first art exhibition ever held by a group of talented London Underground staff. The public response was overwhelmingly positive. Where can we see more artwork, when is the next show and how do we contact the artists?

There was no alternative but to meet the public demand to access their work and meet the artist. So here is Out of Uniform.

Independently conceived by David Nevin, a Station Supervisor and painter. Adventures don’t begin until you get into the forest. It all came about because David noticed the increasing diversity of backgrounds of the people he found himself working with on London Underground. ‘I have worked side by side magicians, musicians and PHD environmentalists not to mention a clairvoyant’. The most common previous life that caught my ear, eye and heart were the artists. They have a common story of people needing to make a living to support a family and their creative passion. They might work for a living but they create for the glory of God – they might even sell a picture or two along the way!. The happiest people do not pursue happiness.

These dedicated, friendly London Underground staff are showing a different aspect of their daily working lives. Modern people living uncomplicated lives who have exceptional and surprising hidden talents.