Out Of Uniform

Andrew Pearson


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Profile pictureI have been making ceramics since 2002. My interest started with Bonsai Ceramics, which I still do to this day. I was introduced to Ceramics and I “had a go” at making my own pots, with a lot of time and practise I started to get better. I gained a lot of inspiration from other great legends of English Studio Potters like the Leach dynasty, Michael Cardew and Colin Pearson. This drove me to search for my own individual style and approach to my work. Japanese ceramics play a huge influence in my potting career which changed significantly when I saw Ryoji Koie in 2010. I show my work in various galleries and various shows around the UK and at the moment am aiming to get some of my work into a London Gallery

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Email: andy@stonemonkeyceramics.co.uk
Tel: +44 0778 9905 899
Website: www.stonemonkeyceramics.co.uk