Out Of Uniform

Ben Langham


A-Z of the underground:

A track made to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground including the names of all 270 tube stations over a beat made with sounds recorded on the Underground.
Featuring Kate Mullins on vocals, Jaggi on vocals and guitar, Adham Fisher on bass and keys.

London Underworld

A creative audio-visual project to remind us of the strange surroundings most of us walk through everyday. A collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Huw Penson.

Ben's Profile

Profile picture"I started DJing in the mid-90s and was interested in the technical aspect of mixing tunes together and the equipment itself as well as the music In 2003 a friend sat me in front of a computer with some music-production software on it and I was instantly hooked. Since then I have had quite an experimental approach to making music, taking inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, and using samples, musical instruments, turntablism and my own field recordings. I have had some of my music released on labels but I mainly release it myself online.

I started working on the Underground as an engineer in 2006 and as I was already into collecting sounds I realised I had access to all sorts of noises that I could use for music, some instantly recognisable and some never heard by the public. I found that the Tube gave me so many ideas that it became an ongoing theme. It also led to collaborations with musicians, vocalists and filmmakers and live performances including Glastonbury Festival and the London Transport Museum.

Recently I started learning programming which I hope will open up some new creative possibilities."

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Email: beatfeast@gmail.com

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