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Marie McGeadyMost of my work tends to be illustrating and crafting cards for all occasions and I also am writing and illustrating a collection of children's stories. These mostly revolve around issues of families and relationships. My drawings are quite dark as can the content be, so they would not be particularly aimed at just a young audience but adults alike.

I grew up reading stories by Maurice Sendack, Anthony Brown, Dr. Seuss, David McKee, Raymond Briggs along with plenty of others. These authors were instrumental in bringing surrealism to a whole new world in Children's stories. They carried on the work that authors such as Lewis Carroll & Aubrey Beardsley help set up.

My teenage years were spent in Stephen King novels, so maybe you'll get an idea of where my creativity blossomed. Comic books also have a large influence on my drawing techniques too. I like to think a lot of these influences show through on my work.

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Email: Jasonalexhill@yahoo.co.uk

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