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Anne Manningas Music is my passion. In 1977 I started photographing at gigs because I wanted to capture these moments in time for ever. I had a very cheap point and shoot camera which took the photographs off centre! It's hard to believe it now, but in those days nobody really took photographs at gigs! I therefore felt very self conscious about it at first and would only take a few photographs at each show.

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Over time I bought better cameras and started following bands on tour, photographing them at quite a few of their shows. But then, with the development of the internet and digital technology, just about everyone started photographing at gigs! A consequence of this was that it became almost impossible to photograph at live shows without a photo pass if one had a large 'professional style' 35mm camera such as I was using, and if one did have a pass then only the first 3 numbers could be photographed anyway. As a result of this I didn't do so much gig photography for many years, but have tried to get back into it again more recently.

I still use film, I think the quality of the pictures will always be superior to those of digital. I do not take that many photographs at each gig, I like to just wait and capture a unique moment that shows both the essence of the band and incorporates the pose and the lighting in an interesting way. For me the introduction of digital has taken the art out of photography. Where is the skill in running off 150 photographs in 10 minutes and just choosing the best one? I prefer to treat each individual photograph as a work of art and try to make each image the best. I see photography as an art form that I strive to keep alive as such.

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Email: skatebabe_uk_2001@yahoo.co.uk