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Steve Mathieson


Steve's Profile

My first love is music, I write play and record my own songs in my own studio which I have had since 1990 with many friends who also play them live (Joanne O’Meara from S club 7 used to record demos there when she was about 16)

I wrote and released an Elvis tribute EP/cd to for London's Capitol radio with Europe's top Elvis (Steve Halliday) in 1997 Our cd is for sale on Amazon

I have also released a Pink Floyd covers CD featuring all female singers it has been sold all over the world including Sweden, Israel, Norway Canada, America, Australia and even Nigella Lawson owns a copy www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000OZ2BY4
All with a lot of help from my friends

My second love is creating colorful pictures from my reject photos, I love to find beauty inside things that you would never know is there so with a great help from Photoshop I create something new from something that would be discarded. Some of my early “live” photos are now a part of Wikipedia George Harrison/Tina turner/Eric Clapton/Ringo Starr
George Harrison playing
Ringo Princes Trust
Harrison and Clapton
Tina Turner and Clapton this also appeared in "slowhand" magazine Eric Clapton’s fan club

I can usually be found singing somewhere in the world because I took part in the John Lennon tribute "working class hero" in Newcastle  which has been shown in London, Newcastle, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, America, Germany, Vienna and a few more, also I ended up in 3 books featuring the art show I spend most of my time in my studio recording or creating something

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Email: badgreeb@virginmedia.com